mia andresen


Mia Andrésen of Kiruna, northern Sweden, lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She has worked nationally and internationally under her own name and put up two art textile labels in 2004. She collaborated with many artists, galleries,  shops, performers, theaters and festivals throughout the years, exhibited paintings, giving shows and performances, made decors and costumes, worked for many years as an actress for theatre and film, and a singer and songwriter.


Now she is making and selling wearable art, costumes, drawings and paintings, giving shows and performances and has become a first grade teacher of fine arts.


In 2005 she set up the label/phenomenon ‘Starfuck’ producing Starfuck shows, performances, sell out products and film.

Mia Andrésen is also working on paintings and drawings creating diffrent concepts.


Mia Andrésen

Works on her clothing as a painter or a sculptor; tearing off or stitching on, building up, cutting out, twisting, shaping and painting the material to reach the right concept and look for that moment. Every item tells a story.


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