The Bridals Part 1


10 pieces of randomly (blindfolded) dissected haute couture deconstructed in “an animalistic way.”

The bridals are made out of given, randomly cut and prepared scrap from a bridal shop melted and burned together with shredded and melted plastic waste from the river Maas in Rotterdam.

'The bridals part 1' is all about expectations going terrible wrong.


‘I wanted to destroy the bridals expectations and change the context of the garbage to be able to give the bridals back to nature, because nature doesn't wear any expectations. And at the other hand I wanted to give the garbage new expectations and a new destiny. This was to me the most suitable form.

The more expensive and valuable, I mean socially valuable, the original outfits are, the higher pleasure I find in destroying them. And on the other hand, to go out in the morning to fish for dirty plastic is the other way I find my pleasure, like I am back in my Lapland going for a hunt for food.

To make something crush in between the highest and lowest value in society gives a certain friction.

The inspiring results can become exhibited as futuristic fiction, it can become haute couture again, or given back to nature.


The pieces are finished when adding doesn't seem to have any effect.

Like at the moments lovers get tired of each other or you accept yourself after the tragic divorce.

Let us say I help the natural flow to speed up the process of failing in expectation.

The marriage for the ‘bridals part 1’, can also be seen as one between ‘the useful of yesterday’.

A marriage between once useful packages from big multinational concerns and cut up useless wedding pieces. The multinational married the individual.


The bridals can also show you that things never can go wrong and that anything really can unite and be worn again.

The ‘bridals part 1’ can carry a message of surviving any process.’


Mia Andrésen





True art is characterized


'The Dutch photographer Carin Verbruggen got inspired by 'The bridals 1' and made a fotoshoot with them in Amsterdam 2016.'



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